365 Day Challenge – 2014

Here comes the ever cliché New Years “resolution” post, although I hope that my posting it two days late makes it slightly less of an obnoxious cliché. I won’t elaborate too much on the details, as most “life-changes” are typically pretty self explanatory, but I’ll list my goals and things I wish to challenge myself with below and perhaps maybe it will inspire some to make little changes as well.

1. Floss teeth everyday (day one, check!)
2. Attend new workout classes, try new ways to sweat
3. Attempt to style hair and do makeup every day that I will have interactions with other humans
4. Post in this blog more often (two today, off to a good start!)
5. Find a new job
6. Cook more interesting meals and actually FOLLOW the recipe
7. Avoid eating boxed mac and cheese like the plague
8. Read more, watch less garbage TV (sorry Kardashians)
9. Swear less, especially minimize use of the F-bomb in public
10. Squat more and obtain buns of steel
11. Figure out where I am going in life
12. Run a marathon (uh???)
13. Get better grades to boost GPA in final semesters in college
14. sleep more, start actually going to bed at decent times

I suppose the list could go on, but that’s all I can really think of for the time being. Lifestyle changes and daring decisions need not be made solely because the calendar of 365 days is being restarted, and I look forward to last minute resolutions and other desires of change I will encounter throughout 2014.

xoxo Valerie


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