A huge goal of mine since entering the blogging world and becoming addicted to various bloggers and vloggers has been to enter and become a part of the beauty community found on YouTube and other platforms of social media. I have always liked make-up and various beauty products, but never was adamant about wearing it everyday, as school and work makes it hard to have the time to put much effort into appearance. Lately though I have managed to spend more time on getting ready and my appearance, and overall, I have better days when I put in the time to put on makeup and style my hair in the morning. It just gives me an extra boost of self-confidence, overall brightening my attitude throughout the day. My recent trip to Sephora left me with a lot of great products, and I’d like to do a review of them on here for anyone interested!

The main purpose of my journey into the store was to pick up a concealer. I am very fortunate to not have problematic skin most of the time, but every woman needs to have a good concealer available for when blemishes arise unexpectedly. The artists working in the store showed me a few options, and I settled for the Benefit cosmetics “boi-ing” concealer in 01 light. It has a creamy texture without being thick and gross, and it covers any spot amazingly.  I love the light, non-greasy application and that just a tiny bit will cover up any problem spots.

Next product I needed was a bronzer. I have a terrible time picking out bronzers, because of my light complexion that tans fairly well, I almost always either pick out one that is way too dark and makes me look like Snookie, or one that is so light that there’s no point in applying it to my skin.  I tried out the Sephora bronzing powder in bora-bora, and it works magnificently for my skin. I also learned some very interesting consumer information while testing out Sephora products. According to the artist who was helping me select the perfect shade for me, all Sephora products are consumer-tested against MAC cosmetics products and the only ones that make it to the store shelves are one that consistently beat out their MAC counterparts. Definitely an interesting insider secret that makes me trust the Sephora brand, even if it may be a bit pricey.

Next thing I “needed” was a new lipstick. I’ve really been loving coral colors lately, and the Sephora skinny-tubed lipstick in 2074A is a fantastic shade for a dramatic, but professional look. The skinny tube of the lipstick makes it easier to apply to small lips like mine and avoid smudging. I absolutely love this lipstick and I am excited to try out more Sephora brand lipsticks in the future.

SO that’s the end of all the products I actually purchased, but the wonderful thing about Sephora is all the little samples that you get when you check out. For my purchase, I “earned” a sample of the Sephora body butter, a philosophy microdermabrasion face wash, and a small tube of “Too Faced” Primed and poreless pure facial primer. Giving out samples is truly a brilliant way to market products. Companies like BirchBox have figured this out, because for myself and many consumers, if I have a positive experience with a sample of a product, it’s more likely than not I will continue to purchase and use that product.
The philosophy face wash was amazing, generally I do not like the products by Philosophy, as all of their body washes and other things are heavily scented, and all the scents are very sweet and nauseating. Their face-wash definitely redeems their reputation and I definitely plan on buying a big bottle in the future.  The wash is exfoliating without being harsh, and is an excellent cleanser, leaving skin feeling extremely fresh.
The Too Faced primer was a new product for me, I’ve never thought to use something to prime my face before applying foundation, the very thought seems to be one of extreme excess. I gave it a shot nonetheless, and I must say I am a primer convert.

Successful makeup trips are the best, because spending money on products that I enjoy using everyday makes the effort worth it. Hope you all enjoyed this haul 🙂


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