Free Activities Minneapolis – FROLFING!

It’s finally summer, and that means sunburns, beach trips and a serious quest for outdoor activities. Minnesotans are shut away indoors for a good majority of the year, so once the sun is shining, everyone wants to spend every waking moment outside, enjoying beautiful weather. The other day, some friends and I took part in a classic Minnesota outdoor activity: Frisbee (or disc) golfing, also known as frolfing.

Don’t let the world “golf” scare you away; disc golfing is far less boring, time consuming and is much much cheaper than playing golf.

The sport was not invented in Minnesota, it is actually played worldwide, but there are lots of courses scattered throughout the Twin Cities and it is a popular way to spend some time outdoors in the summer without spending lots of money. Most courses are completely free to play, which leaves the only expense to be a purchase of some discs, most average about $10 in price.

My friends and I went to Acorn Park in Roseville to play all 18 holes on the course. It is a nice course, could use some updates to the signage as the progression of the course was a bit confusing at times, but overall fairly easy to navigate.

Frolfing is a great way to spend some time in nature, enjoying the outdoors and maybe cracking a beer or two along the course (have a way to hide it in case park rangers snoop around)
I wore a dress and sandals, which was not the greatest apparel choice but still doable, as disc golfing is not really physically demanding, but closed-toe shoes are always a better option when hiking through the woods.

Get out and frolf! Buy your discs here or check out local sporting good stores, and sometimes even head shops have them as well. Happy frolfing!!!

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