For my friend Kira’s 21st birthday (link to her blog here) a group of friends embarked on a two hour drunken excursion known as the Pedal Pub in Minneapolis. The pedal pub is pretty well known downtown, many people have experienced or at least seen the massive keg-toting trolley slowly trucking down the busy streets of Minneapolis at one point or another. Because it is a unique thing to experience, I thought I would write a brief review.
(Note that there are other companies that do similar excursions, groups pedaling and drinking on a massive bicycle-bar apparatus, but this information is specific to the pedal pub.)
The cost when split between 12-15 people (number of available seats) is between 20-30 and that is just based price to have the pub for two hours with a guide, no included alcohol. Hard liquor and glass bottles are not allowed for safety reasons. A good method to BYOB is to used a big Gatorade cooler/dispenser to make some sort of punch, our group had an awesome sangria that people pitched in money to share. There are speakers with an auxiliary cord attachment so parties can bring their own music.
The pub pedal starts at chanticlear pizza downtown, close to the twins stadium and sexworld (sexworld is always a good reference point when getting directions downtown…) and there are different routes the pub can go on. We pedaled down toward the north loop and went to two different bars over the course of two hours.
Pedaling around Minneapolis while chugging beer and sangria was thrilling, it was also a decent workout.  We were cruising during a busy time, making the adventure even more exciting. My favorite part of the tour was when we pedaled down Nicollet Mall past the shops since normally one cannot drive on that street.
Overall, the experience was really fun and I think everyone of legal age should get a big group of friends together at some point to do it. It is a great way to enjoy the city in the summer and get drunk publicly while in a semi-controlled environment. I don´t necessarily think I would organize a group to do it again, but it´s definitely something that everyone should experience at least once. Pedal Pub Minneapolis also offers different packages, including more food-focused tours and mixers so that one only has to book one or two seats and has the opportunity to meet new people on their cruise.

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