A Day in Segovia

The morning of Friday, July 11 was a tough one for me. I had spent the previous evening (and part of the present morning) at a club near my host family´s house in Toledo, outside of the historic Casco. It was a rough morning because after a lot of drinking and dancing and not much sleep, I had to drag myself out of bed early, fight through the morning-after-stomach-pains and get myself to school to make the bus for the day trip to Segovia.

Fortunately I survived the bus ride without any stomach eruptions and was able to enjoy a beautiful day in a beautiful historic city. Segovia, Spain.

The bus ride to Segovia from Toledo was about two hours, it´s located about an hour and 20 minutes north west of Madrid. We arrived and began our day with a tour of the historic Alcázar of Segovia, the royal palace.

If you like Disney movies, or appreciate moorish architecture and artistic style, the Alcázar is definitely a location to add to your list, as it is noted as being an inspiration for Cinderella´s Castle. The tour was beautiful, there is a lot of ornate decor and interesting history to learn about the palace, and it is a very unique castle in that it has a moat and an interesting structural design, it is shaped like a the bow of a ship, peaking out of the rock cliff that it sits atop.

If you visit the palace and don´t mind hiking up lots of stairs, make sure to do the full tour including the hike up the towers, it is a breathtaking view and an adrenaline experience, climbing up what seems to be a never-ending spiral staircase.

The “moat” of the Alcázar

After the Alcázar, we made our way to the Roman Aqueduct, located in the Plaza del Azulguejo. It is an ancient Roman aqueduct, considered one of the best preserved ancient monuments in Spain. It was truly in amazing condition despite being hundreds of years old. The most impressive fact I learned was that there is no mortar or any sort of construction bonding agent holding the massive rocks together, it is all reliant on the immense pressure that the boulders exert on each other.

Segovia was a really beautiful city for a brief daytrip, but I would love to spend more time here someday in the future. Because it is so close to Madrid, I would highly recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in the capital city of Spain for a few days. Not only is it a very walkable city, with a bus and train station to make travel very easy, it also has plenty of restaurants, shopping and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites located very close together.
Segovia has a lot of similarities to Toledo, but I almost think I might like Segovia a little bit more! I hope I get to return someday soon.

More pictures from the trip


Tomorrow it´s off to Pamplona for the RUNNING OF THE BULLS!



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