After my study abroad program ended and I carried on with my adventures in Europe all alone, I began making brief video diaries of snap shots of my days of travel. I started out fairly strong but started to waver as my travels became more jam packed with activity and conversation with new friends, I didn’t want to be spending excessive amounts of time filming things on my phone when I knew I should be just enjoying the experience of being in a new place. It’s strange how the more time passes abroad, the fast it seems to be passing. Krakow was a blink, Budapest an even faster one. I’m already en route to Stuttgart Germany to spend some time with my extended family that lives there and we are all driving to Amsterdam in a few days for more adventures. Even though I’ve done some daily vlogging and weekly vlogging, I still can’t quite decide how I feel about it. I’ve followed a few vloggers on YouTube and while I enjoy watching their travel videos from time to time, I find the overall concept a bit absurd and narcissistic, especially for the ones who’s sole income comes from just making YouTube videos about what they did on any given day. It’s also a bit idiotic to walk down the street talking into a camera, surrounded by people who are wondering what the hell you are doing. I’ve enjoyed making some videos because it gives me some film footage in addition to the pictures I’ve been taking, and I may continue to film videos from time to time, but I don’t think I am going to hardcore pursue vlogging as a new hobby. I want to still strive to fulfill my challenge of “The Daily Bucket” but it may turn more into a weekly blog or vlog post summary of each day instead of individual posts everyday.

It’s fun to have little blurbs while traveling and striving to accomplish new things each day has presented to me a challenge that I am excited to take on, but I don’t think I will be uploading an 8-15 minute video every single day. Maybe this will change during my gap year and I will get better at making videos or I will accidentally light myself on fire and become a YouTube sensation and acquire fame quickly and easily. I don’t know what vlogging will bring, but I’m going to keep trying to film and learn more about the whole process and I hope you all enjoy my videos and that they aren’t a complete waste of your time.

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