A New Way to Plan Travel: YONDERBOUND!

If you’re like me and love spending countless hours surfing the internet looking up future travel locations, details on hotels and major attractions and various tidbits of travel advice, you NEED to make an account on Yonderbound. Yonderbound is a new online tool to organize and plan travel, making it easier than ever to execute a dream trip. Their mission is “Everyone has the right to travel” and I personally could not agree more!

I was first made aware of this fantastic website through Twenty-Something Travel, and since making my account I have been able to get much more organized in my future travel plans, and have a much better idea of how much I need to set aside financially to be able to go on all the trips I want in the future.  Yonderbound is a lot better than just pinning pretty pictures of destinations on a “Travel” board on Pinterest, because it involves actual planning, reading reviews of hotels and places, getting real insider advice on how to make the most of any trip.

My current top 5 future destinations

1. Germany (Oktoberfest 2015)

2. Italy (month-long excursion plan)

3. Thailand

4. Argentina

5. Canada

Check out Yonderbound today if you want to plan some future trips!

xoxo Valerie

Picture of Tübingen, Germany. Can’t wait to back to the land of sauerkraut for Oktoberfest next year!

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