Summer in NYC: A Weekend in Brooklyn

IMG_1233Despite it being probably the biggest of cliches, I LOVE New York City. Prior to last summer, I had only ever visited during the cooler months, once in March for spring break and twice over thanksgiving (read about that trip here). I am one of the lucky ones and I have a good friend, Betsy, who lives in New York full time as an artist for Penguin books. A weekend getaway in July in Brooklyn? Hell yes!

One of the best things to do while in New York is just walking around, and being there in the summer makes it way easier to do that. Not having to worry about being cold or snow is a plus, and Central Park in the sunshine makes for a beautiful afternoon.


My weekend getaway didn’t include much heavy sight-seeing, but we did manage to accomplish a few of my classic favorites over the course of two days. Bergen Bagels is always a must stop for a delicious, hot and fresh bagel with cream cheese and a coffee. We stopped here everyday to fuel up for a long day of walking throughout the city.

Water Taxi

Another fun free thing to do is walk across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. I love the structural design of the bridge and it isn’t a particularly grueling walk. This past summer, instead of walking we decided to take a water taxi, considering that isn’t the all-seasons option and I wanted to take advantage of all the things I could only do in the summer. We walked to DUMBO- (an acronym for “Down-Under-the-Manhattan-Bridge-Overpass neighborhood) and took a water taxi to take it into the heart of the city instead of being in the underground or walking. It was a really pleasant ride across the river, and near the port is the Brooklyn promenade and park, a beautiful place to sit and relax.


IMG_1257Brooklyn Farmacy

A lesser known gem in Brooklyn, the farmacy is an old-school soda fountain, serving egg creams, milkshakes, ice cream sodas and other comfort foods. Awesome, retro place to stop in for food, it’s like traveling back in time!


IMG_1291Although I still have yet to visit the new Freedom Tower, it was astonishing to see it being built right before my eyes. We walked by the tower and the 9/11 memorial, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Overall, I didn’t do too many other touristy things during my summer visit, as I had already done them in the past and summer means an excess of tourists swamping every attraction in the city. Here are some more pictures from spending time in Brooklyn with a bunch of artsy kids!



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