Wedding Photography

My wonderful cousin Anna was married this past September, and I snapped a lot of pictures during the whole event, but haven’t had time to compile them and post them on this blog yet, until now. It was a great weekend for snapping pictures of my family, and I cannot be happier for Anna and her new husband, Kevin, even if they do live in Wisconsin now.

IMG_4552   IMG_4564     IMG_4587        ]  IMG_2992IMG_4606 IMG_4607
IMG_4610 IMG_4614
IMG_4621 IMG_4622    IMG_4624IMG_4626 IMG_4627 IMG_4630    IMG_4634       IMG_4640 IMG_4642 IMG_4649 IMG_4651 IMG_4653     IMG_4661 IMG_2990    IMG_4680           IMG_4702 IMG_4706 IMG_4714             ]    IMG_3014        ] IMG_3024   IMG_3047 IMG_3050   ]  IMG_3060   IMG_3118   IMG_3076 IMG_3078    IMG_3086
 IMG_3606    IMG_3128 IMG_3101  IMG_3103
 IMG_3107 IMG_3108 IMG_3110  IMG_3114 \


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