Makeup Haul: MAC, L’Oreal and The Body Shop!

Besides the changing color of leaves, cooler weather and the re-emergence of the Starbucks “Pumpkin Spice Latte,” the transition from summer to fall to winter brings with it the excuse to change up a makeup collection and experiment with new shades and products. Recently, in the spirit of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, I decided to “treat myself” with a trip to the MAC counter as well as the Body Shop and Target for some fall staples.



This was definitely a day that I was in a splurge mood – I went to the MAC counter with the full understanding that I would be spending a hefty amount of money. Without that attitude, I probably would have grown frustrated with the sales techniques of the makeup artists that hustle the customers who merely browse the counter. I had my makeup done by a lovely woman who was very mindful of my request to have a nice “natural” look, which was a huge relief considering that half of the MAC artists tend to look like drag queens. She was not pushy, very blunt and to the point, which I really liked, as it made the experience far more comfortable.

1. Foundation

I am lucky and am blessed with typically non-problem skin. I like a simple foundation that has a bit of coverage, but most importantly, sunscreen, at least SPF 15. Sun protection is so important yet it often goes unrecognized by women when they are selecting a foundation for everyday wear. I now wear the MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 foundation in 2.0. I love the coverage that it gives me; a thin layer makes my skin look truly flawless. One thing I would be cautious with when it comes to this foundation is if you have sensitive skin, as I have heard from others that it can be itchy and cause irritation, so always try a sample first before buying.

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2. Eyeshadows

This purple-toned palette was the perfect investment, and by the careful advice of my MAC counter consultant, I purchased the palette fully understanding how to combine the different tones of purple in order to have different “day” and “night” looks. It is the MAC cosmetics “A Passionate Quest Quad” and the names of the colors starting from the upper left and going clockwise: The Wrong Man; Serenade, Brazenly and Stay Sultry


This palette is $40 which is a bit steep for eyecolor, but I really love how the shades look. The darker shades are pigmented while the light purple is a nice crease highlighter

This MAC electric cool eye shadow in SUPERWATT is my favorite eyeshadow I have ever owned. It is a rosy-gold color that has a creamy texture and it goes on super smooth. It can also double as a highlighter which can be great when trying to achieve a contoured look. price: $21

IMG_3872 IMG_3873

3. Lipsticks

The three lipsticks I purchased were all from the Maybelline color sensational line, and to have a decent variety I picked three different shades to add to my collection.

I picked up No. 615 “Summer Sunset” – a Deep pink and red blend with just a slight bit of shine that intensifies the natural color of my lips nicely, a nice lipstick to wear to add color without getting too dramatic.

Plums have been all the rage this season and when paired with a natural looking eye color, they can truly be a stunning and dramatic statement. No. 435 in “Plum Perfect”

A pretty coral color can add a pop to any look – No. 515 “Coral Crush”


4. Brushes

To add some tools to my collection, I picked up the MAC 187 Duo Fibre Face brush for easy and smooth application of the foundation. I used to almost always use my fingers to apply foundation, but I’ve found that using a brush makes the process much easier and the final result is a much more even and professional looking appearance. It is a bit expensive at $42, but good quality brushes are an important part of any makeup collection.

5. Skin – The Body Shop

This mango body butter has worked wonders for my hands as the air has gotten noticeably drier in the past few weeks with the weather getting colder. The only complaint I have would be the price for the size; The Body Shop is not a cheap investment for purchasing lotions, and the container pictured here is rather small; regular use of this product would lead to running out of it real quick. But it works wonders for moisteurization of my hands and it smells absolutely delicious.



The Cocoa Butter Body Scrub was a great purchase for winter, it sloughs off dry skin while adding much needed moisture. And it smells delicious!



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