Unlike the final days of 2013, the end of 2014 left me very little time to sit around and reflect on the year. I didn’t do another “resolutions” post like I had done before, and now that it is nearly February, it seems far too late to cultivate a list of “resolutions” that I know I will not keep anyway.

This year, the only resolution I have is to seek out things that make me happy and pursue them with passion and dedication. One such example is getting more into filmography and producing short films with clips from my daily life. I first was introduced to the world of YouTube filmography in the past year, and ever since discovering some filmmakers who put their content out on the internet for any viewers to enjoy, i have been more and more inspired to capture the moments in my own life on film and learn how to edit and produce my own short films. I also took a film studies class (in Spanish…) this past semester, which only strengthened my eye for detail and taught me new technical terms and concepts that are important to understand within the world of filmmaking.

While my filmography knowledge and skills are only a fraction of what many content creators on YouTube’s are, I am determined to learn a lot more about the process through trial and error and my own research to produce more films and make (hopefully) better ones as well.

To prove that I am at least somewhat dedicated to not letting this particular resolution completely dissolve, here is my first film of 2015, the visual experience of my scuba diving trip to Roatán, Honduras (blog post on this trip soon to come!)


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