Falling in Love with Roatán, Honduras

IMG_4917January of 2015 left me the glorious opportunity of embarking on a week long excursion in Roatán, an island off the coast of Honduras, for a one week scuba diving/coral reef ecology study abroad course. After only scuba diving in lakes and rock quarries, the promise of scuba diving in warm ocean waters amongst dolphins, sharks and fish was beyond exciting, and the experience turned out to be everything I could have hoped for.

Anthony’s Key Resort is a renowned diving resort that has been in business for over 40 years. The staff was incredible; extremely attentive and caring for our every need during our stay. They offer a variety of dive sites that would attract the interest of any scuba enthusiast – from shark dives, to swim-through shipwreck dives, dolphin dives and even night time diving, the coral reefs surrounding Roatán provide it all.

For my trip preparations, I wanted to be sure I had the equipment to document the experience to the fullest, so that all of my memories made on the trip would be preserved. I capitalized on after-Christmas sales and indulged in a GoPro, the Hero 3+ edition.

One regret – not buying a red filter. This is an investment that every scuba diver bringing their GoPro along MUST have. Seriously. I was lucky and some of my friends had them and let me use theirs for a few dives, and the footage quality is just so much better. Red Filter. DO NOT SKIP IT.

Roatán was an excellent place to become a more experienced diver and the friendships I made over the course of my trip will last me the rest of my life.  There is something enchanting about settling in a place where time seems to stop and everything is a billion times more relaxed than it is back home. The sunsets are more beautiful and the rustic bungalows provided a genuine experience of living the island life.


The ocean is a giant, expansive place full of beauty and opportunity, much of which is threatened and needs to be preserved. Being able to encounter it firsthand is the most important experience to have in order to fully understand the dire need of protecting the oceans, and starting that protection sooner rather than later.




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