Why Not? – Las Vegas 2015

School had just restarted for the semester, and any logical person would take the first weekend of classes as a time to relax and mentally prepare to study for another long three-and-a-half months.

For myself, a different story was about to unfold.

Viva Las Vegas – the theme for the weekend being, “Why Not?” Sometimes in life, you get lucky and are invited to third-wheel a weekend in Vegas with your friend and her boyfriend of seven years, and so we were off, flying out of cold Minneapolis on Thursday night to touchdown in the city of sin for a whirlwind weekend.

IMG_4185We stayed at Tropicana, an older hotel right on the strip. One thing that did not cease to amazing me was how gigantic every single hotel was, and how expansive the casino area of each hotel was; they seemed to stretch on for miles.


It was a short trip and for two broke college girls, the experience was far from an extravagant, spendy Vegas vacation; but rather a nitty gritty, cheap run-through of what the city had to offer.

Vegas: The Good.

First of all, 3 words

In-N-Out. I had not had these delicious burgers for a long period of three years since the last time I had been in California. They are so amazing and I really wish that the chain existed in the Midwest. Animal style for life!

IMG_4309Walking the strip from our hotel on the MGM Grand end of the madness all the way down to the fountains at the Bellagio was a very enjoyable way to pass the afternoon. Vegas in January is warm in the sunshine but cool in the shade; packing a light sweater was mandatory to survive these moment-to-moment temperature fluctuations.

IMG_4203IMG_4224IMG_4214One of my favorite things that we did was just to walk in all of the different casinos; New York New York had a lot of great restaurants and shopping and that was only one of the many that we had time to pass through. The Cosmopolitan definitely took the cake for the most beautiful decor on the inside; the whole interior seemed to glimmer with crystals from the ceiling and walls.


Hakkasan Night Club

Located in MGM Grand, Hakkasan Night Club is a massive multi-story nightclub that hosts giant parties and EDM DJs almost every night of the week. I was lucky to be there the same night as a show hosted by DJ Rev Run of RUN DMC and another night of EDM madness with Steve Aoki. We got on a list of a promoter to get in for free, and despite this method of gaining entry to a club seeming like it must have a “catch” or be a scam, it is a perfectly legitimate way to get into a club. THE BAD: Be aware of anyone trying to sell entry or drink wristbands on the street for a club, as these are almost always a scam, even if the “rep” has legit wristbands with all of the clubs logos. Vegas is a con artists playground, don’t give out your money to anyone on the street promising a good night; only paying the bartenders can guarantee that.

IMG_4208Overall, our short weekend in Vegas was a fun-filled introduction to Sin City. There truly is no limit to things that one can blow their money on, and in two and a half days we barely scratched the surface at what Vegas has to offer. One thing that I would not recommend to anyone would be to waste time at the slot machines; walking past rows of people sitting ajar on the stool next to the neon machine was one of the saddest sights I have ever seen. I would rather light a $20 bill on fire than play it in the penny slots for an afternoon, if only for a badass instagram picture.




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