Blogging for Books: Capture the Moment

This post is a review of the photography book, “Capture the Moment.” I received this book as a part of my participation in a new involvement: Blogging for Books! Blogging for Books is an awesome way for bloggers to obtain free books, write reviews and discover content from other bloggers. I highly recommend a visit to the website to my fellow wordpress friends. I look forward to requesting, reading and writing about different books provided to me by this wonderful website.

Capture the Moment by Sarah Wilkerson is a photography book that combines aesthetically pleasing design with genuine tips to help any photographer in their journey to capture the beauty of life’s moments. The book is a beautiful hardcover and contains a plethora of advice on how to pick subjects, set up the scene, perfect the lighting and utilize creativity in order to obtain beautiful images.


Capture the Moment is a fantastic alternative to other photography books, as it is not a boring or intimidating textbook style format. Instead, it is a collection of beautiful images and advice on how to create them for oneself, which is a much more pleasant way to expand knowledge of photography. It goes beyond just technique and gives advice on how to look at the world from the view of a photographer, learning to appreciate small details that sometimes go unnoticed.



I have been exploring film and photography as a hobby for the past few years, and a book like this is an essential part of any new or developing photographers library. I really enjoy flipping through it, admiring the images that the author has put together, and incorporating the techniques and skills she mentions into my own photography ventures. I would highly recommend this book! All my future “Blogging for Books” reviews will go under the “Lifestyle” category of this blog.


xoxo Val


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