Earth Day 2015

Since 1970, April 22nd has been globally recognized as Earth Day; a day to focus on the condition of the planet and raising awareness and support for various environmental issues. There are various talks, concerts and other events held worldwide in order to raise awareness and celebrate many of the beautiful aspects of our planet. The problem that we are all very aware of is that one day a year is not enough to change the current negative impacts that humans are exerting on the planet, and more drastic, long-term changes need to be made in order to continue sustaining the quantity of life, currently over 7 billion people, that Earth currently holds.

The solution to these problems, however, are not being discussed nearly enough. A change needs to be made in the media and in the discourse surrounding all aspects of the environment. Instead of being told how we are destroying the planet, we need to be presented with the solutions that we can invest our time and money in. We need to be informed of new ideas so that they could perhaps inspire our own. With 7 billion people come 7 billion dreams, ideas and hopes about the future, and all of those things add up to various solutions for the problems that face us.

There have been studies revealing that 1 in 4 American’s don’t believe in climate change. I think John Oliver said it best on “Last Week Tonight”

“1 in 4 Americans are skeptical on climate change… Who gives a shit? You don’t need people’s opinions on a fact. You might as well have a poll asking: Which is bigger, 5 or 15? Do owls exist? Are there hats?”

There are places where opinions are appropriate, and places where they are not. Climate change and giving a shit about the environment is not an area where anyone’s opinion should hold any importance. We need to start taking action before it is too late.

I made this short film in order to not only express myself through a medium that I have really grown to enjoy utilizing in the past year, but also to spark creative expression, ideas and positive attitudes toward the future of our planet. In the description are various links to some websites and organizations that are committed to improving the future of life on Earth.

I hope you have a great earth day. Now recycle that Diet Coke can, bitch.


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