Casey Neistat’s Studio, Tumblr Headquarters, and Coney Island

The best part of having a network of friends who make the leap and leave the hometown in search of adventure in a new city is that it gives me a reason to go travel and see them!  A long weekend in New York City in August? Yes please.

(In other words, don’t be sad when your friends move away. Be excited because that gives you YET ANOTHER excuse to plan travel!)


Ok first things first, I’ll admit that the title of this is some what click-baity. I DID truly walk past the marvelous Casey Neistat’s magical studio (located at 368 Broadway in Chinatown, in case you’re wondering) and I fan-girled hard, but I did not spend the entire day waiting for him to leave his office (because I stalked on Twitter and found out that he was actually in Houston for the weekend… boo)

Here is a breakdown of what I did (read: spent my money on) for four days in the Big Apple.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Met is without a doubt the most overwhelming art museum that I have ever been to. The place is ABSOLUTELY GIGANTIC. Instead of trying to see every last piece of art in a specific wing or area, I just walked through and would stop if anything caught my eye. I made it through some photography, European/Renaissance art, the ancient Egyptian stuff, a China “through the eyes of the west” special exhibit which was AWESOME, the instruments collection, Greek and Roman art and quite a bit of the contemporary pieces.


Fun fact/hack about visiting the Met: although the initial impression from a glance at the “Admissions” board would leave the average adult to believe they have to drop $25 to see all the art that the museum has to offer, it’s actually pay what you can, the $25 is just the suggested donation. I was only there for about 2 hours, and I donated $5 because I had to prioritize the mojitos I would be consuming at happy hour later in the day.

I took the scenic route to get there and walked through central park. It was lovely.


Tumblr HQ


Not exactly a tourist destination, as one probably needs to “know someone on the inside” in order to gain access, but I was very lucky to “have a friend who has a friend” who worked there, which allowed us a look around! I got to indulge in some free snacks, a rooftop bar with a view of the Flatiron district and the official tumblr “gif” generator!

Coney Island

Rides, fried food, drinks and the ocean? A day trip to the end of the Q line in Brooklyn landed us at Coney Island, a really fun way to spend a Sunday.  We rode the rides, walked the boardwalk and even dipped our feet into the water. The whole place is really packed with people and would not make for a particularly relaxing beach experience, but it does feel like an escape from the skyscrapers, sidewalks and sardined subways.

IMG_6787 (1)


IMG_6772 (1)



We even had a Coney Island dog at the Famous Nathan’s which was wonderfully delicious and disgusting at the same time.




The Smith

The Smith has several locations throughout the city and Sunday morning after a night of drinking, we found ourselves at the East Village spot, seated at the bar for some brunch.

The do a deal where the purchase of a breakfast entree gets you a complimentary mimosa, bellini, bloody mary or other such breakfast cocktail. The eggs benedict was amazing and we had a great time even though we were seated at the bar as a group instead of a table. Prices were very reasonable for the atmosphere, quality of food and service.


The Standard Biergarten

The Standard proved to be an awesome, open-air biergarten (for the summer, of course) located underneath the High Line. Loved the outdoor atmosphere, the massive beers and the buzzing crowd playing ping pong and socializing.

Agozar Cuban Restaurant

All I’m gonna say is…. 2-4-1 MOJITOS! This place is absolutely awesome and I’m so glad my friend Mariah knew about it. They have 2-4-1 Mojitos and other delicious tropical drinks during happy hour. We went here before dinner and the atmosphere was really great and it felt somewhat calmer than a lot of busy bars and restaurants in the city. They don’t skimp on the mojitos either, just because it’s a good deal doesn’t mean the quality is bad! They were really great, the pineapple mojito was my favorite.









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