Top 5 Favorite Apps (of the moment…)

HERE ARE SOME APPS IM LOVING RIGHT NOW! Leave a comment if there is a cool app you think I should know about, anything travel/budget related is VERY appreciated. Thanks!


Maybe it is just because I am frantically trying to make living arrangements for when I move to Spain, but lately I have found myself essentially living on the Airbnb app. It is an amazing way to look for long-term housing, vacation rentals and hotel alternatives. Even though it has been around for quite some time now, I am always shocked by the amount of people I talk to who have never heard of the company. Airbnb allows people to rent out their extra space and makes travelers into guests in others homes or additional properties. Sometimes the owners are present when the traveler rents out the extra space and sometimes it’s completely private. I have been non-stop browsing for deals on apartment spaces to make my move to Spain easier.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.15.03 PM


This app has been such a fantastic way to make different thumbnails for videos on my YouTube channel, the header for this blog, and other beautiful pieces of typography overlays for images. They have an awesome selection of stock images that are free to use or you can upload a picture from your own gallery!



Just when you thought the updates to the Emoji keyboard was cool, I present to you, THE GIF KEYBOARD! This baby is amazing, addictive and way better than any Emoji in existence. They keyboard of gifs organizes them by “mood” so you can always let your friends know how you’re feeling. (hint, you have to go to your settings and enable the keyboard in order for it to work!)



I thought that I was late to the game on this one but a fair amount of people I interact with on a daily basis haven’t heard of Venmo. Venmo is an app that lets you pay your friends or let them pay you all digitally – no more hounding *that* friend who STILL owes you $20 months later but “never has cash” when you see them. It allows for quick transfers of money from one account to another (I think it’s about 1 business day turn-around) and it is very secure. I highly recommend it for college students living with multiple roommates when trying to figure out utilities!

Nike + Running

This app is definitely not new but I decided to give it a whirl after Endomondo crapped out on me too many times. I like how it keeps a running total of all the miles tracked on the app, I felt amazing when I hit 100 the other day after only having this app for a few months. It is pretty reliable and syncs easily, which is nice for keeping track of progress. The automated “cheerleader” messages that play after the run are kind of annoying, but they can be turned off.



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