TRAVEL Giveaway!

Happy Holidays everyone!

I am very excited to announce my partnership with GPSmyCity to give away 20 promotional codes for a free download of a walking city tour in a city of your choice!


GPSmyCity apps have tours in over 470 cities worldwide, empowering travelers to explore and experience a city at their own pace. I’ve had a lot of fun the past four years developing this blog and developing myself through my travels, and some of the best experiences I’ve had while traveling have been walking around solo in a new city, exploring the sights and sounds on foot.

For travel inspiration, here are some of my favorite cities I’ve done extensive walking tours in.

San Sebastián, Spain

Enjoy top-notch Basque cuisine while overlooking the sparkling turquoise water of La Concha beach, or casually stroll through the streets admiring the beautiful architecture of this enchanting city. San Sebastián is rather small and easy to walk around, making it a really pleasant place to visit for a long weekend.


Saint Augustine, Florida, USA

The oldest city in the United States, Saint Augustine is a charming town to walk around in for an afternoon. Spanish moss trees line the sidewalks and the 17th century fort, Castillo de San Marcos, sits on the water of the inlet. I’ve spent many Christmases in Saint Augustine with my family, and I always love walking down the old city streets.


Toledo, Spain

Toledo will always hold a special place in my heart because of all the wonderful memories I made while studying abroad there for a summer. One can easily fall in love with the ancient city when hiking through its narrow, historical streets, twisting and winding through medieval history on foot.


Lisbon, Portugal

Summertime in Lisbon is on par with complete paradise. The ocean surrounding the city sparkles, the beaches are beautiful and the atmosphere is so inviting. I had loads of fun walking around the city with my mother and my aunt last summer, we saw so much just wandering the city streets.


How to Enter the GPS My City Giveaway: 

Ready to embark on some walking tours of your own?

I have been gifted with 20 promotional codes to give away for completely free! First 20 winners will receive a self-guided tour for an iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android device!

Note that the codes are only good for 28 days after they have been issued, so pick a city that you’re traveling to in the upcoming weeks! The app never expires, just the specific destinations.

To see a complete list of all the cities they offer walking tours in, visit the GPS My City website:

In order to enter for a code, write a comment below with your favorite city that you’ve walked, and write what city you’d download a guided tour for!

I look forward to reading your responses and gifting these amazing codes!

Happy Holidays!



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