Madrid Mondays | A Trip to the Zoo

Since I’ve committed myself to living in Madrid for at least 9 months, potentially an additional year after that, I have been determined to really get out and see as much of the city as I can. All the attractions, museums and hotspots are on my list.

I’m definitely not a huge fan of animals in captivity. I support the criticism of SeaWorld and elimination of cetaceans in captivity, along with all trained animal performances, and I’ve never been to a circus. Sure, zoos do contribute to conservation efforts and can be great teaching tools for the general public to understand more about ecology, but overall I firmly believe they do a lot of harm as well.

Despite these internal feelings of conflict, I still wanted to check the Madrid Zoo & Aquarium off of my list, so on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I made the trip to it.

The Madrid Zoo & Aquarium is located in Casa de Campo, a giant nature reserve on the west side of the city. The area surrounding the zoo is absolutely beautiful; a much-needed break from the sprawling concrete jungle of the city. The entrance to the zoo is about a 10-15 minute walk from the Casa de Campo metro stop.


The admission price for adults to the Madrid Zoo varies daily, and of course we selected the most expensive day to visit, Saturday. The ticket was 22,95 euro for an adult, and they do not offer a student discount.



Once inside, we made our way through the various exhibits. The zoo is well-designed in that it gives many of the exhibits a very open feeling, putting us close to the action. We could even palm-feed some of the animals if we wanted to.


The zoo was easy to navigate, with different spots to buy food all throughout. We didn’t attend any of the shows, per my personal feelings toward them, but they do offer dolphin and exotic bird shows as well as other exhibitions.

Malayan Sun Bears





To be brutally honest, I don’t think the zoo is worth 23 euro, but of course the establishment has significant costs to cover, which makes it understandable. I would definitely not take the time on a short stay in Madrid to go to the zoo, but as someone who is living here for an extended period of time, I’m glad I can say I crossed it off my list. Also, weather must play a factor in the visit, as it is almost exclusively an outdoor zoo.

I hope to keep up these Madrid Monday posts, but I have a lot of planning to do! Cheers, and thanks for reading 🙂



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