BEAUTY: Lush, Benefit & Kiko Cosmetics

In the past year, I haven’t bought many new makeup products, which is why it took so long for me to accumulate a worthwhile list to write and publish, but FINALLY, here it is, so you can take a breath if you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for this incredibly stimulating content!

I will start with the products I wasn’t so impressed by, and end on a positive note with my new obsessions.

Products I would NOT repurchase 

Benefit “They’re Real” Push Up Eyeliner

I want to preface this by saying, I truly love almost all Benefit products I’ve ever tried, but this one was a fierce disappointment. This is probably compounded by the fact that this was the most I’ve ever spent on an eyeliner product, over $20.

Why? The gel doesn’t go on smoothly, a lot of it squeezed its way out of the tube, being wasted in the cap and making a mess, and it dried out very fast, despite the fact that I always screwed the top on real tight. The idea behind the product is a good one, but it was not executed well in this case at all.


LUSH Retread Conditioner

As much as it pains me to admit it, I love LUSH. It feels like a candy store for adults, especially adults that are easily persuaded by bright colors and delicious smells, and once I enter, I can’t leave without buying something. This particular time, however, I was in LUSH for a reason, to get a new conditioner. I’ve slowly been transitioning to more eco-friendly and natural beauty products, and I especially like how they re-use their black pots.


This hair conditioner, however, was a bit disappointing. It is marketed as their richest conditioner, and it has a mild, vegetable-like smell. It has a much thinner and more watery consistency, and it does not do much for detangling. I will say, I don’t hate it and I will probably use it up, as it was about 16 euro for the pot, but I wouldn’t repurchase it in the future, as it doesn’t get out the harder kinks and knots that come with having thick, curly hair. It could definitely work well for someone with thinner strands.



I wanted to branch out and try a different BB cream instead of my usual go-to of Maybelline. I wear the Rose shade, and although I like it, it’s nothing special. I don’t find that it smooths out my skin the way that the Maybelline BB cream did, and it goes on quite a bit thinner, which some people may like. It has SPF 15 which is good, but doesn’t state what the active SPF ingredient is, whereas with Maybelline, it specifies titanium dioxide, which is a very powerful guard against harmful UV rays. Overall, it’s not a purchase I regret, but it’s not one I would make again in the future.

Products I Would Repurchase

KIKO Soft Touch Blush

This product has been a really nice addition to my makeup bag, as it serves the purpose of a blush and a bronzer in one. It is small and compact, and a quick brush of it all over my face makes my skin glow, as a bronzer, or I can use a smaller brush to concentrate it on my cheeks, using it more as a blush. I wear shade 102.


New Obsessions

Benefit Lollitint

If someone told me I could only have one lip product for the rest of my life, this one would be it. Sold as both a lip and a cheek stain, this product is my absolute go-to for any occasion. It is subtle enough to wear to work, but also can be layered on thick for a more dramatic, going-out look. I initially tried this product as a sample which came with another purchase I had made, and I instantly fell in love and bought the full size. It does take a few moments to dry, which can be annoying if I forget and try to take a drink of something, but once it does dry, I find that it stays for the night. 10/10 will repurchase.


LUSH Happy Hippy Body Wash

This body wash is amazing. It smells amazing, and has energizing essential oils that make waking up in a morning shower a lot easier. I got it on sale after Christmas, and I will definitely be ok with splurging on it again in the future. And, it’s vegan!


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

This was another sample that came with a different purchase of makeup that I ended up loving quite a bit. Full-priced, this mascara is a bit expensive, ringing in at $24.00 but when one feels like treating themselves to a higher end product, this is a great one to go with. It separates and curls lashes so nicely, I don’t even think about using my curler in addition to it. The only thing I do not like about it is the plastic applicator, I prefer a brush, but it works so well I’m fully able to overlook this issue.


KIKO Quick Dry Nail Lacquer in 850 Cerulean 

I was in search of a moonstone blue color, and while this isn’t exactly what I was looking for, I decided to try it, and I must say I am absolutely in love. It dries super fast, is fairly long lasting, and is a beautiful color I really love wearing on my nails.



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