Free Madrid Things | Parque Europa

After a whole academic year in Madrid, my coworkers and I were on the hunt for some free activities to do around the city that would allow us to soak up the sun and enjoy our final weekends together. We decided to visit Parque Europa, essentially a “mini-Europe” just outside the city center of Madrid.


Located in Torrejón de Ardoz, it takes about an hour to get to using the Cercanias train and a bus. Take the C7 from Principe Pío and Atocha, and the stop for the park is Alcalá de Henares. From there, a quick walk to the plaza to take Bus A just by the entrance to the park. The park is completely free to enter, but we each paid a few euros to rent a quadricycle bike to get around!


I would highly recommend bringing some snacks and drinks to the park if you plan on walking around all day. There are kiosks, but their products are overpriced and the selection is limited to things like chips and ice cream bars.


I wouldn’t say that Parque Europa is a “must-see” in Madrid, but for people like my coworkers and me, who have lived in the city for over a year, it was a fun and different way to spend a Sunday.

Some other cities (Brussels for one) have mini-Europe parks just like this, but they charge entrance fees.



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