HOW TO: Be Your Own Tour Guide!

There are countless ways to explore a new place. Pricey, private guided tours, free walking tours that you join at the last minute and tip out at the end, or now, the ultimate individual option, a GPS-guided travel article!

Introducing: GPS guided articles through GPSMyCity

Now there is a way to let these articles not only inform you during the planning process, but they also guide you while you are on your travels. GPS travel articles have specific coordinates embedded in the article, which can serve as a virtual tour guide for you as you navigate your way around a new city. With GPSMyCity, after the app has been downloaded to your mobile device, you can use it without any internet connection, which is a huge plus when you are visiting a new country beyond your mobile carrier plan.

You can access city walks on your IOS device two different ways:

  1. Click the link at the end of the blog post that has been turned into an app
  2. Browse the available city articles on the GPSMyCity app and download for free, or upgrade for offline use and GPS tracking

As a bonus, I am offering a free giveaway of an upgrade to GPS-guided articles for both Oviedo, Spain AND Bucharest, Romania, in case your travels are taking you to Eastern Europe in the near future! I also have a variety of other articles available for free download, so go to your app store, download GPSMyCity and check them out!


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