The Sahara Desert with Ready Morocco Tours

In April of 2017, I embarked on one of my biggest adventures yet with one of my oldest friends – a desert experience tour in Morocco. Being from Minnesota, the most un-desertlike place, we were so excited to experience firsthand the massive sand dunes of the largest desert in the world – The Sahara!


It’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with Morocco. During my two years in Spain, I made it to the country three times, visiting 7 cities during those visits. It is a beautiful country with some of the kindest and most hospitable people I’ve ever met while traveling.

Overnight in tent..jpg

One thing that makes a huge difference in a Moroccan experience is the interactions you have with tour guides. A huge portion of the country’s economy is dependent on tourism, and there are endless excursions and opportunities. With this, however, comes the risk of being whisked around by a questionable company with guides who are less than interested in your experience and more preoccupied with making a profit. For the desert tour, this is an essential consideration because the drive to reach the foot of the Sahara takes such a long time. You’ll want caring guides who provide interesting information along the way.

If you want to guarantee yourself a great experience with informative guides who care for every step of your journey while in Morocco, check out the available tours from Ready Morocco Tours.

Camel ride at Erg Chebbi dunes.jpg

They have desert trips, long and short excursions to different cities and points of interest around the country. From the Ourika Valley & Atlas Mountains to Ouzoud Falls and cities like Chefchaouen & Fez this company does it all. It’s a family business that is insured and all the transport is provided in an air-conditioned SUV (a huge bonus for the long car rides on hot, bouncy roads!)

Moroccan desert Camp.jpg

While it’s a known fact by many seasoned travelers that often you can find much better deals on travel if you “do it yourself” and book experiences individually instead of as a package, in Morocco, this strategy can soon become a headache that is not worth saving a minimal amount of money. Having a company to organize your whole tour with meals and accommodation makes the entire process much easier.

For example, the city of Fez has (approximately) 11,000 side streets twisting and winding through the medina. It is so easy to get lost in the labyrinth of the markets, causing excessive stress and putting you at risk to be “led to your hotel” by a random guide, who will try to rip you off instead of just help you. Being with a guide, you not only eliminate this stress, but you also get to learn all about your surroundings and hit the highlights, instead of wasting time wandering around lost.

Fez Ciry Tour.jpg

A great part about Ready Morocco Tours is the company’s flexibility for their tourists. They allow trip customizations and offer competitive rates, so you don’t have to haggle to death in order to get a great deal on your experience.

Some of the services they provide:

    • Organized tours around Morocco.
    • Camel trekking.
    • Sightseeing tours
    • Imperial tours.
    • Overnight in Sahara desert.
    • Airport transfers
    • Sahara desert tours.
    • Day trips

If you are thinking about going on a tour in Morocco, I’d highly suggest booking with Ready Morocco Tours. You’ll have an amazing experience and see the country from an insiders point of view. The family aspect of the business makes it unique and extra special. They take pride in their country and want to show the best parts of it to you!

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 10.53.54 Ready Morocco Tours

Moroccan desert blue man.jpgChafchaouen day tour.jpgLocal Experience desert trip in Morocco.jpg

*Ad Disclaimer – This post was sponsored by Ready Morocco Tours*


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