March Beauty Review

I haven't done a beauty-related post in quite some time now, and considering how cold it is in Minnesota this time of year, I haven't been getting out much to do activities worth writing about. The dry air of the winter has done a number on my skin and hair and thus, I felt it... Continue Reading →


Dessa Remixed: The Elixery Lipstick Review

I am not a professional when it comes to wearing lipsticks. I eat and drink things almost constantly, smudge it accidentally by touching my face and sometimes even downright miss half of my lip surface area when trying to apply it. This inability to master the in's and out's of wearing lipstick has resulted in... Continue Reading →

Summer Beauty Update!

I haven't done a beauty post in awhile, and I don't really do many of them as it is far from my field of expertise, but I truly enjoy reviewing products and trying out new things for my skin/hair, so I figured why not do a "summer makeup" routine post. If you have been reading my... Continue Reading →

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