Target Layoffs

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 was a discouraging day for the 1,700 Target Corporation employees from the Twin Cities that were laid off as a part of Target's efforts to try to save $500 million this fiscal year. This was the largest effort to downsize in the history of the company and it left many people... Continue Reading →


Minnehaha Frozen Falls

Last Thursday, March 5th was the last frigid day of this winter (or at least we are all hoping so now that we have officially hit 60 degrees in the Twin Cities) and that evening I found myself craving a little bit of adventure. I had seen pictures from urban explorer types from behind the... Continue Reading →

Darwin Day: Sharing a Passion for Science and the Ocean

Darwin Day is an international day of celebration on or around Charles Darwin's birthday  (February 12th). The mission of the established day is to spread awareness, intellectual curiosity and a hunger for scientific knowledge among humans across the globe. This concept is imperative; spreading a desire to understand more about the world and the planet,... Continue Reading →

Minneapolis Holiday Market 2014 – 612 Review

2014 marked the end of the long-running annual "Holidazzle" Parade in downtown Minneapolis and in its place a German-inspired "Christmas Market" was set up in Peavey Plaza running along Nicollet Mall. My roommates and I decided to attend the festivities, to get into the Christmas spirit after the commotion and stress of finals. My first... Continue Reading →

Kickin’ the Bucket… List. Skydive Twin Cities

 Skydiving is the quintessential cliché "bucket list" item that (almost) everyone claims they want to do before they die, but so few people work up the courage to actually suit up and jump out of a plane. That is fairly understandable, since throwing yourself at the earth from 13,000 feet in the air is less-than-rational... Continue Reading →

Scuba Diving in the Cuyuna Mine Range

 Since obtaining my Scuba certification this past June, I have been determined to not let it go to waste. Scuba certification is a neat thing to have because once obtained, it is valid for life. No need for renewal every 5-or-so years like many licenses and certifications. Toward the end of August, my good friend... Continue Reading →

Chipotle Cultivate 2014

This past weekend, my roommate and I attended the 2014 Minneapolis Chipotle Cultivate festival, hosted in Loring Park. Chipotle Cultivate is a free music and food festival that is appearing in various major cities across the United States this summer. It features local chefs who perform cooking demonstrations, an all-day concert of different musicians and... Continue Reading →


For my friend Kira's 21st birthday (link to her blog here) a group of friends embarked on a two hour drunken excursion known as the Pedal Pub in Minneapolis. The pedal pub is pretty well known downtown, many people have experienced or at least seen the massive keg-toting trolley slowly trucking down the busy streets... Continue Reading →

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