Blogging for Books: Capture the Moment

This post is a review of the photography book, "Capture the Moment." I received this book as a part of my participation in a new involvement: Blogging for Books! Blogging for Books is an awesome way for bloggers to obtain free books, write reviews and discover content from other bloggers. I highly recommend a visit... Continue Reading →


Target Layoffs

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 was a discouraging day for the 1,700 Target Corporation employees from the Twin Cities that were laid off as a part of Target's efforts to try to save $500 million this fiscal year. This was the largest effort to downsize in the history of the company and it left many people... Continue Reading →

Cures for Writers Block

This post is more relevant to my online blogger friends who, like me, probably suffer from momentary bouts of serious writers block. The worst kind of brain fart, when you have maxed out your creativity and can no longer think of new things to write about. Whether it is for a short story, a novel,... Continue Reading →

On Not Having All the Answers… & some Monday Inspiration

"I never worry about the future, it comes soon enough." -Albert Einstein Despite how scared I was before jumping out of a plane on my first-ever skydiving experience, nothing can match the sheer terror that comes along with realizing that I'm a college senior in my final months of my undergraduate education. Soon I will graduate... Continue Reading →

A word on social media

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Yik yak. YouTube. Vine. Like death and taxes, the transformation into being a user of some form of social media is inevitable. Almost like a biological reflex, we click open the app whenever the alarming red notification box is present. Facebook connects us with our relatives across the country and friends around... Continue Reading →

Flight MH17: A Travelers Reflection

Warning: this is somewhat of a morbid post, don't read past here if you were seeking out positive vibes. I hate to write about negative things but I believe in realism and this is an issue that has been on my mind for the past few days.  Today I took a flight from Madrid to... Continue Reading →

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