The Ultimate Travel Guide to Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and is an amazing city to visit in Europe. It’s unbelievably beautiful and affordable, with stunning beaches, great food, and a kind, welcoming culture.


Lisboa Travel Card

We opted for the Lisboa card that would grant us 72-hour access to metro, train and tram lines as well as access to museums, discounts, and other attractions. For 39 euro plus 10% off student discount, this is a great option to maximize adventure and mobility within the city.

The metro in Lisbon is located within the airport, making it easy to access the city center.

Not only was it easy to navigate, but the cleanliness of the subway cars and the platforms blew me away. Caricatures, murals, and artistic pieces lined the walls of the tunnels, giving what would normally be a brutalist, ugly hallway the sentiment of an eclectic art gallery.

Praça do Comércio

Get off at the Terreiro de Paco metro stop to see this central spot in Lisbon. It’s a lovely wraparound of mustard yellow buildings overlooking the ocean. You have to visit this central spot and snap some photos while in Lisbon.

Cafe Aura

Right in the main square of Lisbon, this place was great for a quick meal before wandering around the city. The vegetarian crepe stuffed with spinach and topped with cheese was a delicious mid-day meal, and a frothy cappuccino gave me the caffeine boost I so desperately needed.

Churches of Lisbon

After exploring the central zone of Lisbon, start walking uphill toward Se a lovely church with tall bell towers. Besides the fact that they are usually a free thing to tour, the gold adornments and stained glass and huge murals are beautiful and impressive, definitely worth a visit during a trip to Lisbon.

Yellow Trams

You must jump on one of the old yellow trams during a visit to Lisbon. They are iconic to the city and can get you around the central part to some of the tourist highlights. They are also cheap to ride, perfect if you’re tired of walking.


Santa Justa Lift

This is an iconic elevator in Lisbon that you can ride up to get more views of the city. It was a long wait, but with free entry with the Lisboa card, and at the top, it connected us with a walkway providing more panoramic views of Lisbon.

Dinner at Stasha

This is a fantastic, elegant restaurant hidden down one of the many winding alleyways of Lisbon’s streets.  The food was excellent and the service was attentive. I had the mushroom risotto and tried my mom’s codfish entree. Everything was delicious and for dessert, I tried the passion fruit mousse. It was the perfect finale to a great meal, accompanied by complimentary port wine.


To visit the famous Tower of Belem, take the metro to the Baixa square and get on an above ground trolley.

Located just a 15-minute ride outside of central Lisbon, Belém is a quaint area with a very rich religious history. We toured the Torre de Belém (free with Lisboa card) as well as the famous Jeronimos Monastery. This is a great area if you’re looking to rent a boat in Lisbon. 

Estoril and Cascais 

With another train ride, you’ll end up in the Cascais/Estoril beach town. I was truly impressed with how crystal blue the water was, it felt like we were in the Mediterranean. This is the perfect spot for a tanning and beach day. We had lunch at a nearby beachfront restaurant, enjoying sangria and some sardines – a Portuguese classic. Even if you aren’t huge into fish, you should definitely try sardines during your visit to Lisbon.


Tile Shopping

You have to stop in some of the famous tile shops when exploring any city in Portugal. They have a huge variety of beautiful, hand-painted tiles that make for the perfect souvenirs and memorabilia of your trip.

Port Wine House 

On my final day in Lisbon, we visited the Solar do Vinho do Porto and enjoyed rose and white port beverages in a cool and quiet atmosphere.

This bar is a great place to go to enjoy a reasonably priced port wine and a relaxing atmosphere. The building is an 18th-century palace, adding sentiments of charm to the overall atmosphere. Port wine here is available by the glass or bottle, with a huge selection to choose from.


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