The Night Train: Lisbon to Madrid

As my time in Lisbon came to an end, I grew more and more anxious for the start of my study abroad program. Because I am a poor college student and also strive to experience new things, I opted to take the night train from Lisbon to Madrid, a 9 hour journey instead of a... Continue Reading →


Last Day in Portugal

After three days of intense exploration of all that Lisbon has to offer, relaxing and taking a slow day was much needed. The final day of our stay in Portugal also happened to be the biggest holiday of the year in Lisbon, El día de Sao Antonio. Port Wine House  The final day we managed... Continue Reading →

Portugal Day 3: Cascais, Estoril and Belem

Every major city in a country that borders the ocean needs to have their quintessential beach towns. Cascais and Estoril proved to be great spots for dipping our toes in the water the third day of our adventure in Portugal. Belem In the morning, we started by taking the metro to the Baixa square and... Continue Reading →

A real life Fairytale: Sintra, Portugal

Portugal day two proved to be very enchanting with a visit to Sintra, a historical town just 30 minutes by train just outside of the heart of Lisbon. The city is filled with Disney-like castles and beautiful, winding forest paths, through which we hiked through about 3 miles uphill. The train station is easy to... Continue Reading →

Portugal Day One: Lisbon on Foot

 DOWNLOAD THE APP FOR MY PORTUGAL TRIP HERE After a grueling six hour layover in Philadelphia, two glasses of wine and a 7-hour overnight flight, we finally landed in Lisbon at 8:30AM Monday morning. The airport was easy enough to navigate, the signs herded us like cattle through hallways to immigration, baggage claim, and finally... Continue Reading →

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