A Weekend on the Great Ocean Road | Australia

In the past three years of living abroad, I've been so lucky to have multiple friends from home visit me in several destinations, making it a priority to see me while exploring a new part of the world. Words cannot express the deep gratitude I have for having these people in my life. They are... Continue Reading →


Bucket List #17 | Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef | Cairns, Australia

We first got SCUBA certified in a freezing cold lake in Minnesota, where the water touching the smallest bit of surface area of the skin burned like being stabbed with a frozen knife. From there, it only got better, with a week spent diving in the tropical waters of Roatán, Honduras, earning college credit on... Continue Reading →

Highlights of Cairns City | Australia

Last month, I spent three glorious weeks relaxing in Cairns, in Queensland, Australia. Pronounced like "Cahns" by Aussies, (if you say the R they will probably make fun of you) this is not the Cannes where the film festival is, believe it or not. I incorrectly thought that until maybe two years ago, when I... Continue Reading →

A Day Trip to Rottnest Island to get a #QuokkaSelfie | WA

The favorite day trip for visitors to Perth or Fremantle is a ferry ride to Rottnest Island. Rottnest, or Rotto, is a little sandy island right off the coast of Fremantle in Western Australia. It's a fantastic spot for a day trip to stretch out on a beautiful beach, and get up close and personal... Continue Reading →

A Home Away From Home | Fremantle, Western Australia

My transition from Cairns to Perth was a bit, awkward. Upon arriving in Perth City, I was exhausted and wanted to collapse in my hostel before reassembling my life in a new place. Travel days are always stressful days. Not only do I need to get to my new spot, but I have to figure... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Sunset | Broome, Western Australia

After leaving sunny, tropical Cairns, I flew across the country to Perth, to the complete opposite side of Australia. While I had grown to love Cairns, the friendly people at Calypso Inn Hostel, and the weather, I felt that with the change of the month from May to June, it was time to change my... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Beach in Australia | Day Trip to Fitzroy Island

In Cairns City, there aren't any sandy beaches. Despite being the famed jumping-off point for visits to the Great Barrier Reef, you won't find a place to swim in the ocean in Cairns. It's a massive mud pit that potentially has crocodiles lurking beneath the surface. A brief, 45-minute ferry ride away, however, is one... Continue Reading →

Adventure to Millaa-Millaa Falls with Uncle Brian’s Tours

After going from the urban metropolis of Melbourne to the middle of the red outback in Alice Springs, I was ready to get a taste of the rainforest. It was time to fly to Cairns. A quick 2.5-hour journey would take me from the middle of the country to the Queensland coast. The humidity and... Continue Reading →

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