Holiday Season in NYC & Lower East Side Tour

So this post is beyond overdue, but I thought it was still worth writing about my trip to NYC last December for a quick weekend to see Christmas windows and explore a bit with my mom. I feel really lucky, I've been to New York many times in my short life, and I've had incredible... Continue Reading →


Summer in NYC: A Weekend in Brooklyn

Despite it being probably the biggest of cliches, I LOVE New York City. Prior to last summer, I had only ever visited during the cooler months, once in March for spring break and twice over thanksgiving (read about that trip here). I am one of the lucky ones and I have a good friend, Betsy,... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Thanksgiving: NYC

Thanksgiving (and the whole holiday season) has passed us.  Congratulations, you survived them this year.  For those of you who may be craving a change from eating piles of turkey and listening to your relatives scream at the T.V. during the football game, search no further, as I have your Thanksgiving 2013 solution. New. York.... Continue Reading →

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