Excursion from Marrakech | Ouzoud Falls

A day excursion offered by various travel agencies in Marrakech is a trip to Ouzoud Falls. They are the highest waterfalls in Northern Africa. The hiking includes impressive waterfalls, opportunities to go swimming, and breathtaking views. It is the perfect escape from the noise and chaos of the souks.
We paid €20 or so for the transportation to the falls, which is about a 3-hour car ride from Marrakech. We left early in the morning. It was organized through our hostel, Hostel Marrakech Rouge, so they had someone come and pick us up and take us to our driver and van. The ride was easy, and we stopped one time for a bathroom break and to buy water at a roadside station.
A guide met us at the beginning and led us through twisting bends downhill on a dirt path. Little restaurants and stands selling fresh-pressed orange juice line the shore of the river. The water was sparkling blue and everywhere around us was either forest or mountains.
After completing our hike down to the bottom, we paid about €2 to take a paddled boat to the base of the falls. The cool spray of water was refreshing and it was incredible to be so close to such a massive downpour.
After a short ride in the boat, we walked up to a restaurant that had a terrace view of the falls. The food was excellent and our meals were inexpensive, which surprised me considering how touristy the area is.
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We continued climbing upward to the plateau where we started, greeted by a bunch of wild Berber apes! They were running around, eating peanuts offered by tourists, and jumping into the trees. One big monkey saw an orange that a little girl was holding and boldly walked right up and ripped it from her hands. It was probably terrifying for her but it was hilarious to watch. The monkeys were pretty docile, although I’d be careful to make sure one of them didn’t swipe my phone or camera.
Recommendations for the excursion:
Bring a swimsuit and towel, sunscreen, plenty of water and snacks. You will do a considerable amount of walking before you break for lunch. Wear sneakers or other closed-toed shoes or good walking sandals, flip-flops are not a good idea. Don’t forget your camera!
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