Montana and Yellowstone

Before a family vacation to Montana, the mountains were never really my thing.  That being said, I hadn’t ever really experienced the mountains at all, but I am such a beach brat I just assumed I would hate them.  Typical. What I encountered on my trip to Montana was more than enough to change my opinion, it was enough to change my whole outlook on my life.  Being up in the mountains changed my perspective on life, on what is important and what I should value and seek out in the time I have here on this planet

I was fortunate to experience views of the mountains from multiple perspectives; from hiking trails, the saddle of a horse and an inflatable raft coursing down the river.  All were equally amazing and provided unique experiences and created within me a new appreciated for these massive structures created by nature and nature alone. Sometimes we all need to take a step back, inhale deeply and appreciate the beauty that exists on this earth regardless of our insignificant existence.

Visiting Yellowstone in Montana/Wyoming was also a great experience to have with my family. We hiked through the hot springs area and of course watched the eruption of Old Faithful from the lodge. It all was very beautiful and was a great time to appreciate nature and spend time in the beauty of it with my family.

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