Electric Forest Music Festival Guide

I wish there was a way to put into words the life-changing experience that is Electric Forest. The person who walks into the forest isn’t the same person who walks out. And not only because they haven’t had a proper shower in 5 days.

Electric Forest is a 4-day music festival in Rothbury, Michigan. It takes place in Sherwood Forest, an expanse of tall trees and fields that host various artists, vendors, and musicians on stages to perform over the 4-day period.


The experience showed me the value of traveling in big groups, making new (and incredibly amazing) friends and the importance of positivity and good vibes in everyday life.  I wish that everyone could have a music festival experience, as I think it really helps foster a connection with people, even strangers that one only sees for a few seconds.







After being to two very different music festivals in a short period of time, (see my post on Bonnaroo) I definitely had my fill of car camping for a while, but I really loved both experiences.

I was blown away by the music, the friendship and the overall experience at Electric Forest. It was also a much more enjoyable music festival experience because of the climate of Michigan vs. Tennessee. It was much cooler weather and the ability to sleep past 7a.m. without being roasted alive in a tent provided much-needed relief when we were bopping around until four in the morning.

My favorite show at the festival would probably have to be Odesza. Their lights and set were something I had been looking forward to, and they did not fail to disappoint. A new artist that I hadn’t heard of before that I really enjoyed was Charles Bradley, who donned a sexy velvet suit and belted out songs in a manner that really blew me away. Kaskade was incredibly fun to dance to and Lindsey Stirling didn’t fail to impress on her violin, although the tent she was in eliminated a lot of mobility in being able to see the stage.



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Watch my Electric Forest video experience:

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