A Complete Guide to Visiting Segovia, Spain

Segovia is a beautiful, historic town northwest of Madrid that is perfect for a visit on a day trip out of the city. There are lots of interesting sights to see and great restaurants throughout the town. Plan on having at least 3-4 hours here to wander around and explore the main sights.

Getting to Segovia from Madrid

Arriving in Segovia from Madrid is extremely easy. Take the grey line/#6/circular to the Moncloa station. The bus station is located one level up from the subway platform. There is a green sign that says “Taquillas de Segovia” or tickets to Segovia through the company La Sepulvedana, which has comfortable coach buses with free wi-fi that actually works.

Travel Tip: If you buy an “open return” ticket, indicating you can come back at whatever time you like, you have to remember to change it before getting on the bus to go home so it specifies a time. We were not informed of this and unfortunately had to wait in a long line to catch the bus home.

Alcazar de Segovia/Segovia Castle

If you like Disney movies, or appreciate Moorish architecture and artistic style, the Alcázar is definitely a location to add to your list, as it is noted as being an inspiration for Cinderella´s Castle. The tour was beautiful, there is a lot of ornate decorations and interesting history to learn about the palace. Architecturally, it’s a unique castle, with a moat and it’s shaped like the bow of a ship, peaking out of the rock cliff that it sits atop.

IMG_3683 (1).jpeg

The interior of the Segovia Castle is also impressive, I’d highly recommend taking a tour to learn more about the importance of this building and Segovia as a key city in Spanish history.


If you visit the palace and don’t mind hiking up lots of stairs, make sure to do the full tour including the hike up the towers, it is a breathtaking view and an adrenaline experience, climbing up what seems to be a never-ending spiral staircase.


Segovia Aqueduct 

After touring the Alcazar, make your way to the Roman Aqueduct, located in the Plaza del Azulguejo. It is an ancient Roman aqueduct, considered one of the best-preserved ancient monuments in Spain. It’s in amazing condition despite being hundreds of years old. The most impressive fact I learned was that there is no mortar or any sort of bonding agent holding the massive rocks together, it is all reliant on the immense pressure that the boulders exert on each other.


Cathedral of Segovia

Another stop worth making in Segovia is a visit to the Cathedral. It’s a huge church with beautiful architecture, and it’s located right in the main square. It has impressive stained glass windows and is great for a quick tour while exploring the highlights of Segovia.


Tuma Restaurant

Tuma is a hidden gem right off the main plaza in front of the aqueduct in Segovia. The owners are from Syria and their menu boasts a wide range of classic but unique Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. The atmosphere is super cozy and decorated with tapestries and they have hookahs available for those who are interested 🙂


Travel tips to Segovia

If you’re coming from Madrid, leave early in the morning to give yourself plenty of time. There’s a lot to see and explore, and you won’t want to feel rushed.

Be wary of pickpockets at the Aqueduct and the Alcazar. When it’s busy with a lot of crowds, thieves can be lurking amongst a sea of people

Bring a water bottle, hat, and sunglasses if you’re visiting in the summer. It can get very hot in this region of Spain in June, July, and August.

My Video Highlights of Segovia

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