What I Ate in London

My post on what I did in London was starting to run a little long, so I thought I would do a separate post on all of the amazing foods that we ate while running around the city.

  1. Tea & Scones at Patisserie Valerie. Ok. I realize that this place is a chain and not exactly a unique or even proper high-tea experience, but we just wanted to enjoy some scones and tea without breaking the bank, and the name of it just gets me I’m sorry. I really enjoyed my Earl Grey tea infusion and all the little jams that came with the scones and clotted cream. English food is super heavy – these two scones filled us up! 
  2. Bangers & Mash at The Grenadier. Yum!! Probably one of my favorite meals I had at a restaurant in London (although really every single one was great). This little bar is so charming, be sure to have a reservation as there aren’t many tables and it’s an incredibly popular spot. Also be sure to read about the history of the place from the information in the menu – it’s really quite interesting. 
  3. Meat pie at The Grenadier. Nayda ordered this and gave me a few bites. It was hearty and delicious, definitely a great meal for a chilly winter night. 
  4. Bubble Waffle from Nosteagia – at a Christmas market on the south bank of the Thames. Move over crepes – bubble waffles are here! Definitely an amazing sweet to try, the bubble waffle comes in many varieties. I think I like them better than the normal nutella crepes; the choice of fillings and the durability of the thick waffle makes it a more pleasant eating experience! 
  5. English Breakfast from E. Pellicci. This restaurant had been raved about on blogs online featuring the best places to get an English breakfast in London, and conveniently enough it was located right near our Airbnb. It was a simple hole-in-the-wall type place, where everyone working there seemed like family. The food was great, the service was fantastic and it was cheap!
  6. Macaroons from Harrods. Do I really need to describe them? I got the chocolate one and it was amazing. Perfect little burst of sweetness for after a meal without going overload on sugar. 
    IMG_1029 (2).jpg
  7. Thai Food from Thai Pin in Covent Garden. This place was amazing. They made their noodles in-house, and it was a very cosy, personalized environment. We stumbled upon this restaurant while walking around Covent Garden looking for a place to eat dinner.
  8. Also consumed but not pictured was Wagamama (my favorite) and Efendi – an amazing Turkish restaurant in Bethnal Green, right around the corner from our Airbnb.

Overall, literally everything we ate while in London was great. The restaurant selection there is amazing and even though London is known for being a crazy expensive city, you can get away with not spending very much money by going to more local places and looking around at menu prices and reading reviews online. Definitely a great place for foodies to visit!

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