Christmas at the Swanston Hotel in Melbourne


Christmas in Melbourne was delightful. I love seeing a city in the middle of its summer, under the sun and heat, get ready with Christmas decorations and holiday cheer. After living in Minnesota almost my entire life, the allure of a “white Christmas” has completely been lost on me.

For Christmas Day, we enjoyed a full day spent on Brighton Beach, consuming an elaborate picnic of snacks and free-flowing gin & tonics. While my family was thousands of miles away, I felt content with friends in front of the colorful bathing boxes, swimming, and tanning.


After soaking up all the sun we could handle, I had the pleasure of enjoying a complimentary night stay in the Swanston Hotel in Melbourne’s CBD! I had won a contest by commenting on a post on Instagram on the Melbourne To Do account, and was informed a few days later that I had won! I was so thrilled – I think we’ve all entered lots of those contests wondering “do they actually pick a winner?” or “it probably won’t be me but what the heck” and this time, I’m so glad I wrote a comment! I decided to redeem the reward on Christmas as a little gift to myself, a getaway in the city.


The check-in process was a breeze and they even gave me a box of chocolates – a nice gift on top of a night’s stay. This hotel is an incredible choice if you want to be in the heart of the city for your Melbourne stay. It’s close to Melbourne Central and Flinders, Chinatown, and all the CBD attractions. There’s a pool on the roof which we jumped in for a quick dip, and the room was incredibly plush. I loved the waterfall shower and all the amenities, I’m still using the body wash and lotion from the bathroom.



After a good night’s rest, we got to enjoy the breakfast buffet on the main level of the hotel included in our stay. There was a huge variety of options to choose from, and it was good for starting the morning before checking out and heading back to my apartment.

A night away in a hotel, even in your own city, can be a great way to escape some of the stresses of everyday life. Without my laptop, I couldn’t get any work done. I didn’t have to wash dishes or cook or clean up after myself for once, and it was a nice break. There’s something so fun about staying in hotel rooms, especially when they are in the middle of skyscrapers and a bustling city. I’d highly recommend a stay at the Swanston Hotel to any visitor who wants to be in the center of the action during a stay in Melbourne.

Thanks so much to management for the free night!

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  • Mary Beltrand-Nylen 5 years ago Reply

    Lucky you!

  • shelly dunne 5 years ago Reply

    Always wonderful to read your reviews! You add a bit of levity to my day. 🙂

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