Bucket List #29 – Northern California: The Lake Shasta Experience.

Memorial Day weekend, 2015, found me on a dirt (clay?) mountain in the middle of Lake Shasta in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in California. Tradition since the 1960’s, Memorial Day on Lake Shasta consists of legendary house-boat parties at which groups of students from California colleges rent houseboats and spend the weekend damaging their livers and burning their skin. It’s a fun time, filled with lots of drinking, loud music and DJ-hosted parties, swimming, cruising on a beautiful lake enjoying the scenery of the forest.

Instead of a houseboat, however, I found myself in a makeshift canoe-kayak contraption, paddling 3 miles to a campsite. And there was a slow leak in the bottom of the canoe. And it had to carry 6 of us.

Trips like these remind me of how lucky I am to live in a world where leaders have taken the steps to make sure that vast spans of land are preserved. It is important to be reminded of their beauty and to continue to preserve them, providing the funding and care needed to be kept authentic and well-maintained.

It makes me want to visit more park reserves, forests and national parks this summer, so I included a list in this post of some on the top of my list, not only to inspire myself but all of my readers (see bottom of post).


In addition to the weekend in Shasta Lake, I also spent some quality time exploring Humboldt county with my friend Molly. She goes to school there and was an awesome tour guide. We saw the majority of Arcata and Eureka, went tide-pooling down by the ocean and drove through a significant portion of the Redwoods and northern California.

Things We Did

1. Arcata Theater Lounge. Super hippie crowd, crazy absurd Japanese film. Beyond any level of hipster I’ve ever encountered, but they have great beers on tap, and who doesn’t want a beer when sitting through a shitty movie.

2. Visited the Humboldt State Marine Lab. Geeked out over Marine Biology stuff as usual.

3. Visited Trinidad State Beach

4. Ate at Cafe Brio and drank at Redwood Curtain Brewery




Check out my weekly video summarizing the highlights of Northern California:

National Parks List – Maybe could become it’s own bucket list?

1. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona – I NEED TO GO THERE.

2. Arches National Park – Utah. It looks cool.

3. Zion National Park – Utah. Angels Landing is here and that’s a big one on my list.

4. Voyageurs National Park – Minnesota. Basically only because this one is in Minnesota.

5. Crater Lake National Park – Oregon.

6. Hawaii Volcanoes – Big Island, Hawaii

7. Biscayne, Florida. Looks like amazing scuba diving

8. Everglades, Florida. Because I want to be bitten by an alligator.

9. Death Valley, California

10. Denali, Alaska.


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