Day Trip from Madrid: Aranjuez

When living in Madrid, I really tried to seize my weekends and explore as much of Spain as possible. During a long weekend in December, my co-workers and I embarked on a day trip to Aranjuez.

Aranjuez is an easy day (or even half-day) trip to take from Madrid, as it is located just 45 minutes south by train. To make it even easier, trains leave about every half an hour from Sol or Atocha on the C3 cercanías commuter train, providing frequent departure and return options.

Upon arrival at the train station in Aranjuez, walk out and take a right, and continue down the street until the palace is in sight. The walk takes about 8 minutes.


The palace of Aranjuez is the main focal point of the city center. A small tourist train makes loops around the city, leaving the palace plaza and costs 5 euro to ride.



The most striking part of the city was the expanse of gardens and fountains that surrounded the palace. Intricate designs would be the politically-correct way I would describe some of the statues that adorn the different basins. It is situated on the Tagus river.




I would love to return to Aranjuez in the late springtime to see the gardens in full bloom and experience their famous strawberries. It was a beautiful and laid back city, a relaxing way to explore a new place and enjoy a day off from work.


Have you been to Aranjuez? Did you enjoy your trip? 


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  • Nancy Johnson 8 years ago Reply


    Your posts are really fun to read and see. You are quite a good writer and I love just the right amount of detail such as how much things cost and how to walk to places…good job. Love you and miss you and glad you are there and seeing lots and learning even more. Nancy

  • Ron 6 years ago Reply

    Thank you, Madam ! The beautiful days of Aranjuez…

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