Ocean Kayaking | Teno Activo, Tenerife

Tenerife is an island that has something for every type of person on vacation. There’s plenty of beach space for people looking to do nothing more than lay out and relax, there’s endless bars and restaurants for those looking to go out on the town, and there is endless opportunities for active individuals who like a good adrenaline rush or physical activity in their vacation.

This past week I went kayaking with Teno Activo based in Los Gigantes in Tenerife. For a very reasonable price, we got a two hour kayak rental, complete with a guided tour and photographer as well as a beer halfway in the journey to get us through all the paddling. Each kayak had two people paddling, the seats were comfortable with back rests and came with one life jacket per participant.


We left from their port and paddled all the way to the cliffs of Los Gigantes, the highest cliffs in Europe, a stunning sight to see from the seat of a kayak. The paddling was of moderate intensity; staying close to the shoreline kept us out of the big waves. It was a good upper body workout without being gruelling or unpleasant.


Midway through the excursion, our kayak group stopped for a brief swim to cool off. I would recommend bringing mask and snorkels for strong swimmers who want to get a glance at what lies beneath the surface around the cliffs. Kayaking in the ocean is an excellent way to get some exercise and see some incredible sights of Tenerife from the perspective of the water. I would highly recommend Teno Activo for ocean kayaking in Tenerife!

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