Earning PADI Scuba Certification

There is something so incredible about being able to breathe underwater. I think anyone with an interest in our oceans and exploring deeper on their travels needs to earn their PADI scuba certification. I completed my Open Water diver in 2014, and since then I’ve done over 50 dives on multiple continents.

Learning SCUBA and getting certified was the #1 item on my bucket list before I started traveling because I knew it would open up travel opportunities and the option to go on unique excursions all around the world.

Bucket lists are a funny thing. Most of us like lists, we like to make “To-Do” lists and get great satisfaction from checking individual items off of those lists. It makes it seem like what we are doing has a purpose, accomplishing the building blocks that construct our lives. I personally enjoy the “collection” aspect of my bucket list; that is, I wish to collect various skills and experiences through completing or “checking off” items. Experiences are the most valuable thing a person can have, material goods are insignificant compared to what experience can provide a person.

Midwest School of Diving is where I completed my open water diver certification, and I could not recommend this company more. Mark Dugger, the owner/operator of the shop is absolutely incredible. It’s perfect for people in Minnesota looking to earn their diver certification.

Mark is very dedicated to his students and ensures that they learn everything in order to make dives safe and fun. The staff is very patient and have taught all different types of people at different skill levels. The price is also unbeatable, everything is included and the team makes sure you don’t have to do much work in the setup or take down of the equipment. Located just outside the Twin Cities in White Bear Lake, Midwest school of diving not only provides certification but also has various fun dive trips to go on in different interesting spots in Minnesota and surrounding areas.

PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors, it is the worlds largest organization of scuba divers. The PADI membership allows certified divers to dive around the world and provides a variety of more advanced classes to those who wish to expand their skill set and scuba qualifications. It’s easy enough to earn your open water – so what are you waiting for?

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