Swinging in the Trees | Forestal Park, Tenerife

Forestal Park Tenerife is the island’s largest zipline adventure park. Located in the north of the island in Las Lagunetas, the park has loads of sport and family high ropes courses and challenges, fun for adults and kids alike and people of different abilities.


The drive through Las Lagunetas was enchanting; the tall pine trees provided a lush and much different landscape than the volcanic rock beaches of the south of Tenerife. The smell of pine filled the car and the air became dry and crisp.


Reservations are a good idea for anyone looking to experience the forestal park. It is recommended to arrive early in order to make the payment and fill out the necessary paperwork before doing a quick safety training and test course. The instructors are very thorough and go over all necessary safety information. The harnesses are secure and have multiple points of connection with the rest of the course.


Some of the obstacles were very challenging and not for people who are scared of heights. I personally do not have a fear of heights, but rather I was scared I would fall and get stuck dangling, unable to pull myself back up on the course. I learned I really need to work on my upper body strength. Fortunately, I only had one fall, and I managed to shimmy my way back onto my feet on a wobbly log.


Every course ends in a zipline, which is a fun ride down back to earth.

For a visit to the Forestal Park, I would recommend people wear sturdy tennis shoes and athletic pants or at least athletic shorts that extend to the knee. Gloves are not a bad idea as they can help with grip and avoiding blisters. Bringing water is also a good idea and some snacks as it is a far drive from restaurants and the course can take awhile to complete.


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