10 Reasons You HAVE to Visit Tenerife!

There truly is something for every type of person looking to enjoy their vacation in Tenerife. I compiled this list to convince anyone on the fence about where to plan their next vacation leaving from the UK or mainland Europe to strongly consider making a stop on the biggest of the Canary Islands.


  1. Land of eternal spring – temperatures in the south of the island stay warm all year round. Sitting on the beach, sipping a mojito in the middle of January, when the rest of Europe is either rainy, cold, miserable or all of the above? Yes please!


2. Whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Skip SeaWorld or the Tenerife equivalent, Loro Parque, and instead enjoy a 2-4.5 hour cruise on the ocean seeing cetaceans in their natural habitat. Pilot whales and dolphins live in residential pods in these waters, and it is a guarantee you will see them swimming about on one of the many whale-watching boats that leave from Puerto Colón in the south of the island. 

3. Outside the euro tax zone 1.50 pints, 3 euro mojitos, 2 euro cigarettes. Do I need to say more?

Vivá Madrid!

4. Clear waters for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming. The visibility is generally good in Tenerife, making it easy to see fish and other marine life swimming about.

GOPR1528 (1).jpg

5. Countless treks and hiking trails

Besides the obvious choice of making the trek up Mount Teide, the 3rd highest volcano in the world, there are so many hiking trails up the smaller mountains of Tenerife. Resources like Tenerife Hiking provide maps and lists of the trails for anyone looking to see the beautiful landscape of the island and get some exercise while doing it.


6. Mini Ibiza for party people – Playa de Las Americas is the place to go for Lad’s holidays and for the party people who don’t want to stop until the sun rises. The strip is full of bars and dance clubs that are pumping every night of the week, and most do not close until 6 or 7 in the morning. Most of the clientele is British and all the staff speak English, drinks are much cheaper than in other holiday party destinations like Ibiza.

7. Natural swimming pools. Located all over the island, these natural spots are the perfect place to swim, snorkel and relax. Picture-perfect, worthy of an Instagram post for sure! There are also the swimming caves at Barcelo Santiago, just be careful to go at low tide!








8. Budget airlines for cheap flights in between the island and mainland Europe.

Ryanair, Thomas Cook Airlines and Easy Jet all run nonstop flights in between mainland Europe and Tenerife daily. Flights are sometimes as cheap as 30 euro roundtrip!


9. Great transportation system on the island

The bus system on Tenerife for people who do not want to rent a car, is very good for being an island bus system. They are generally on time, go anywhere you could possibly want to on the island, and run fairly frequently, especially during the week. Check out http://www.titsa.com for timetables and routes.


10. Incredible food at a cheap price, countless selection of different cuisines. While the majority of restaurants in the tourist areas cater to English tastes, there are many Italian immigrants as well as immigrants from other countries that have opened restaurants with authentic, amazing cuisine.




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