First GPSMyCity Giveaway of 2019!

Can't believe it's already 2019! Have you started working on your #travelgoals? So far I've gone from Australia -> Los Angeles -> Minnesota and now writing this from Costa Rica! I'm here to let you know about another giveaway of my GPSMyCity articles. When you’re in a new city, and you don’t know where to... Continue Reading →


Why it’s OK to feel culture shock.

I haven't felt compelled to write lately. It's not for lack of content, I have about 5-10 blog posts in the "brainstorm" queue, I just haven't been able to muster the creativity to piece them together. Instead of forcing it, I wanted to give myself a break and wait until I felt some inspiration to... Continue Reading →

Another GPSMyCity Giveaway!

When you’re in a new city and you don’t know where to go, it can be helpful to have a guide. But not everyone wants an energetic, university student waving an umbrella and shouting at them and 30 other people as they try to discover a new city. Private, one-on-one tours with a professional guide... Continue Reading →

How I (don’t) Make Money by Blogging

There's something about self-help books and other motivational content that is both infuriating and magical. Even on my most cynical and unmotivated of days, all it takes is reading a quote by Elon Musk and suddenly I'll be setting my alarm for 5 a.m., going to the gym, and writing lists of (ridiculous) business ideas.... Continue Reading →


Not every travel moment is picture perfect. (sometimes the self-timer beats you)   I've been avoiding getting into another TV series these past few months. I didn’t want to fall into a trap and binge watch another Netflix-produced masterpiece that would have me neglecting to interact with other human beings for days. The other night,... Continue Reading →

30 Things I’ve Learned Traveling to 30 Countries

Lessons I've learned in my 24 years of life traveling through 30 countries.

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