First GPSMyCity Giveaway of 2019!

Can't believe it's already 2019! Have you started working on your #travelgoals? So far I've gone from Australia -> Los Angeles -> Minnesota and now writing this from Costa Rica! I'm here to let you know about another giveaway of my GPSMyCity articles. When you’re in a new city, and you don’t know where to... Continue Reading →


Another GPSMyCity Giveaway!

When you’re in a new city and you don’t know where to go, it can be helpful to have a guide. But not everyone wants an energetic, university student waving an umbrella and shouting at them and 30 other people as they try to discover a new city. Private, one-on-one tours with a professional guide... Continue Reading →

A New Way to Plan Travel: YONDERBOUND!

If you're like me and love spending countless hours surfing the internet looking up future travel locations, details on hotels and major attractions and various tidbits of travel advice, you NEED to make an account on Yonderbound. Yonderbound is a new online tool to organize and plan travel, making it easier than ever to execute... Continue Reading →

Travel Mistakes and Poor Planning

I think it's safe to say every traveler has had their "oh shit" moment when they realize that a part of their journey might not have been so well thought out. I am currently having mine, so I am writing this post on my iPhone whilest in a taxi that is taking me to the... Continue Reading →

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